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I wanted to send a note of thanks to the whole team at Press-Host. Your service and support during the past few years have been nothing short of excellent. The times I have approached support with questions, I received quick and helpful responses. The few times I have had problems they have been handled with the appropriate level of urgency. You can't put a price on that level of service. Good thing your services are so affordable.

Brian Bochicchio -

I like companies that have good customer service. Extended phone hours,
quick to reply to emails, ready to support and/or replace broken
products. Those are the companies in which I return to and refer my
friends to patronize. They know that when they find a similar company,
they share their experiences with me.

It is my pleasure to remain a customer of and recommend the
many services offered to anyone that is looking for anything internet or
web related. Press-host is more than a company - it's a personal relationship!

Addendum Sep-09-03
I would like to add this addendum to my testimonial about the service of Press-Host. I am especially pleased and impressed by the new anti-virus controls that have been set in place by the Press-Host servers. The Press-Host mail server has stopped over 2 dozen viruses from being sent to my computer during the past week, as there is a very dangerous new virus on the internet. I am thankful for this added feature that allows all Press-Host customers the ability to not worry so much about viruses - that Press-Host is our first line of defense!

Thank you for your continued support & great service.

Lawrence J. LeVine ,

Rare do I find much to boast about concerning the internet. For the most part it is very cold and impersonal However, there is a marvelous exception. Recently, was looking for an internet host that would exhibit good pricing, capable products and excellent support. There are many hosting companies that want to sell a person something and then forget them. Press-Host was very different. Yoram Azolulay has gone beyond the call of duty to service my account. In fact, he even helped me resolve a conflict on my computer. I cannot praise this company enough. Having a great product and excellent service, I recommend without hesitation Press-Host.Com. You will not be disappointed.


Dr. Rick Sadler, President, Mission LINK International

Press-Host.Com - "Setting new standards in customer service and support"

Having been involved in the IT industry for 14 years, I recognise the importance of being provided reliable and expedient service from your service providers and Press-Host go beyond my wildest dreams of customer service. In a world of big, faceless companies it has been a refreshing experience to be dealt with in a effective, friendly, helpful and personal manner.

Like most things to do with computers and Information Technology we did have some problems setting up our site, however Yoram at Press-Host re-wrote the book on customer service in the way he effectively and calmly dealt with any problems that we experienced, most of which were because we were doing some things incorrectly. We have invested a large budget and many months of time preparing for the launch of our new business Web Reservations and we were very careful choosing our web hosting company given the nature of our business and large target market.

Press-Host has been an excellent choice not just in price, speed and reliability but most importantly because of the excellent customer service they provide.
I would highly recommend Press-Host.Com to any company looking to have a new experience as a customer.

Thankyou Press-Host !!!

Glen Schaefer, Chief Technical Officer, Web Reservation Systems Pty Ltd.

"I want to extend my thanks to the Press-Host team that assisted in our
server setup and cutover this past weekend. The Tech Support team was veryknowledgeable, helpful and most expedient in their assistance whenever I hada request or question. We were running a tight schedule to change service providers and I am very happy with how smoothly everything went."

Mohammed Al-Delaimy, Director/Partner,

"We have been working with over two years and are tremendously satisfied with the personalized service and attention that we have received at all times. Our business has changed since we started working with Press-X, getting a much improved position in web servers and increased traffic to our sites. The design was exceptional and we have received excellent feed back from our clients. I recommend them very highly"

Sam Laredo, President,

"Thanks for making the "impossible" happen, we will definitely be calling upon you again..."

John Morley, Marketing Director,

"When we decided to offer web hosting services to our clients, we knew it wouldn't be easy finding a host that would fit our clients needs and their bugdets, but I found Press-Host to have quite a wide variety of hosting plans that would fit anybody's needs. Furthermore, I found their tehnical support team to be second to none! They helped me with any questions that I had concerning web hosting, and even other non-related web issues! I was replied to promptly and efficiently, instantly fixing all problems...I recommend it to anyone seeking a host that has flexible plans, competitive prices, numerous options and friendly and efficient tech support."

Dan Derhy, president Boom Media,

"I wanted to thank you all so very much. I am glad I selected your company for my server hosting and never left me hanging without help or figuring out what to do. I am learning a great deal!
You also went beyond the call on duty on the software programming putting in features that were way beyond what I could expect. Great job and thanks again!"

Daniel, President,

"Please accept my whole hearted thanks to your staff for their very professional and courteous support while setting up my site with Press-Host.

Rajesh, Director,